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Darkness Within

The Darkness Within is a Machinema made cinematic on the warcraft III engine with the Worldeditor. All Sceneries were custom made in both landscaping and scripting. The scripting part was done in an assisted GUI which are basically predefined functions that execute a certain script with given parameters.

The Darkness Within is a thrilling Cinematic in which one tells another the story of the dark and sinister event that took place in city of Dorhalh. This Cinematic was Made for the Hiveworkshop's Contest, and made it to the 1st place, winning the contest.


The process of making a machinema all starts with an idea or inspiration and in my case my novel (I am still writting) called Darkness Within. I took a chapter of the novel which fitted the rules of the contest. Once done I made a couple of short sketches on a storyboard to make a quick overview of the scenes that had to be included.

I worked chronologically on the scenes based on first occurances in the cinematic. for each scene I started out with creating the terrain (deformations, tiletextures, props, skies etc). Next was generall camera position and movement and character placement. Then came the development to move charachters, cameras, scenery etc. paired came allot of finetunning to conclude finding and adding music and special effects.

For this cinematic most of my time went to development; programming through a GUI, to create the actions in the scenes and getting everything timed right.


  • Worldeditor
  • Landscaping / Level design
  • Cinematography
  • Scripting with a GUI


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